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Monday, October 5th 2015
Dear Friend,

dashama2Hi, I’m Dashama, Creator of the 30 Day Yoga & Detox Diet Challenge!  I’m a Certified Yoga Teacher, Personal Fitness Instructor, Thai Yoga Therapist and Healthy Lifestyle Expert.

You may recognize me from my internationally distributed Yoga DVDs, Books, Online Videos, Yoga Adventure Retreats or the Yoga and Holistic Health Conferences that I teach at.  You might have seen me in one of the publications, magazines, websites or other media or press I’ve been featured in.

Over the past 10 years I have traveled the world studying with the most renowned master teachers in the fields of mind, body, emotional and spiritual transformation and health. I’m very excited to share the “Secrets” that have been passed on to me, over the course of my personal journey.

I’m very excited to be able to share these secrets that have been passed down to me over the years…

The very same secrets that I’ve been sharing with my clients, students and friends for over a decade. Now you can utilize these same methods and techniques in our own life, for a FRACTION of the cost and from your own home starting today.

Before I begin, allow me to give you a little background about myself…


Trust me, I know how you feel.

I wasn’t always in great shape. There was a time when I was a mess: physically, mentally and emotionally. For years I suffered with bad health. I had chronic allergy symptoms, nasal congestion and frequent acne breakouts. I developed a thyroid disease called ‘Graves Disease’ and for years couldn’t sleep well at night.

On top of this all, I had decided to become vegetarian but I didn’t know the first thing about food combining or proper supplementation. I struggled with my diet for years, and developed an unhealthy relationship with food. In the meantime I continued challenging my body by abusing alcohol and entertaining other destructive habits.

I Decided That I Really Needed To Change The Way I Lived My Life Before Something Serious Happened!

I was in 4 car accidents before the age of 18, which resulted in the loss of the curve in my cervical spine. This in addition to a few snowboarding accidents lead to a chronic pain and tension in my upper back and neck.

I was working a corporate office job in a cubicle and was very unhappy. I wanted more than anything to create a fulfilling life where I would be inspired to wake each morning and embark upon the day ahead of me.

It took years to discover what the root of my pain was.

Yoga, exercise, meditation and a healthy diet became my transformational tools.

I always wanted to feel happy with my life, to feel good in my body, and to experience peace of mind, but nothing was working. Back then I didn’t understand the correlation between my inner world and my outer world, the connection between my physical body and my emotional traumas within.

It took time to heal these issues, since they were embedded deep within my subconscious mind, and to bring my life into balance.


Introducing …

The 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Let Me Hold Your Hand As You Achieve A Better Life

Luckily you don’t have to take 3-10 years to have a breakthrough with this simple to follow system that I’ve created, you can cut the time drastically and start experiencing freedom in your body, heart and mind in as little as 30 days. Experience a tone, fit body, open heart and positive outlook on life.

You can actually begin to see and feel results in as little as 10 minutes per day!

As a result of the past 10 years of my personal discovery, a lot of hard work and the help of numerous experts and masters along the way, I am proud and grateful to have developed this 30 Day Transformation System.

It is precisely the program that I FOLLOW to get unstuck and create clarity, along with thousands of others from around the world. You will read more of this story as well as the stories of some of the other people who have followed this program, in the book “Journey to Joyful,” which is included in the program package.

The 30 Day Yoga & Detox Diet System is Comprehensive, Complete and a Perfect Place to Begin.

Here’s what people are saying about the 30 Day Yoga Challenge

mark_becker“Dashama is an exquisite example of beauty, love, integrity, professionalism, health, inquisitiveness and yearning for learning that all of the future yoginis can strive for.”
~Mark Becker, CEO New York Yoga Magazine & New Life Expos

baron“Dashama has the gift of inspiration.  She is greatly inspired by the practice of yoga and her message will open your eyes to your true potential and leave you inspired too. Journey to Joyful is a wonderful book for all people interested in creating a life of health and happiness.”
— Baron Baptiste, Author of the best-seller, Journey Into Power

Hal“I have been practicing yoga for six years, and Dashama’s yoga is by far my favorite!Her peaceful yet powerful style is the most enjoyable I have ever experienced. I love her DVD and look forward to the day when I can experience her yoga live at one of her retreats!”
‘Yo Pal’ Hal Elrod, Creator of The Miracle Morning

Matiu“I am now a converted yoga enthusiast since my commitment to do the 30 day challenge, it has and is indeed changing my life for the better. “nga mihi” (from my native language of Maori in New Zealand which means love and light to who you are and the acknowledgement of the gifts you have and share.) namaste”
~Matiu Julian, Taranaki, New Zealand

Jessica“This program has helped me to refocus and, though I wasn’t able to complete all 30 days, it made me very mindful of what was going on or why I wasn’t doing the yoga on the days that I missed. And I felt very off when I didn’t practice. The feelings that I get when I was taking the time to do yoga are addicting and I just want to keep doing the videos and keep improving!  I’m telling everybody that will listen about what a difference it has made and send them to your website!”
~Jessica M. USA

Still Not Convinced? How About Some Of These Special Bonuses For FREE!

jtojBonus # 1:

Journey To Joyful
  • Receive this wonderful book written by Dashama.
  • It tells you how to transform your life with Pranashama Yoga.

*Please note that this is an eBook and is downloadable

Green_Smoothie_CleanseBonus # 2:

Green Smoothie Cleanse

Programme is designed to help you:

  • Lose Body fat
  • Release Toxins
  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Increase Energy Levels
  • Improve Digestive Health

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Daily_Health_JournalBonus # 3:

Daily Health Journal
  • This book will help you to ‘Renew’ Your Body.
  • It is designed to help you to become fit and Fabulous in 30 Days.
  • A perfect complement to the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

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Pranashama_Yoga_Training_Manual_eCoverBonus # 4:

Pranashama Yoga Teacher Training Manual

This book is created as a supplement to the book Journey to Joyful, which explores the science, philosophy and methodology of Pranashama Yoga as an integrative approach to a holistic lifestyle and powerful healing journey.

*Please note that this is an eBook and is downloadable

IMG_2574 (1)Bonus # 5:

Question & Answer Session where Dashama Answers your questions on diet.

*Please note that this is a recording

3_Stage_Energy_and_Detox_Diet_ProgrammeBonus # 6:

3 Stage Energy & Detox Diet Programme.

If you want to Lose Weight (and KEEP IT OFF forever), Have More Energy (that is steady and consistent without the use of stimulants), and Grow Younger (feeling better each day you are alive, living a long happy life)…

The 3 Stage Energy & Detox Diet will get you to these goals.

*Please note that this is an eBook (with American Spelling)

I hope by now you realize

This is not just a diet program or a fitness system.


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